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“I believe in creating art for a purpose, and that’s why I use my music to speak about issues such as FGM and the need to protect girls and women from all forms of violence,” says Solomon Kiterie, more popularly known by his stage name “Mtunasi.”

Through his catchy songs, Mtunasi is helping educate communities, and the youth in particular, on upholding women and girls’ rights and the dangers of FGM. He is also the founder of Adventure  Youth Group, a community-based organization working towards the elimination of FGM, child marriage, and teen pregnancy. Primarily based in Bungoma county, the group of youth travels across the country to conduct workshops, community dialogues, and sporting events, TV and radio appearances, where Mtunasi often leads entertaining performances of his songs that carry messages on social issues.

His music is popular across generations and has enabled him to break barriers that may previously have hindered anti-FGM advocacy efforts. “When the message is contained in a song, it is easier for people to be receptive because everyone loves music. You are not engaging them in a debate about culture and beliefs, but rather, passing on a thought-provoking message through entertainment,” he says. 

UNFPA supports the Adventure Youth Group anti-FGM activities through a partnership with World Vision Kenya. The support has included funding for the production of anti-FGM songs and music videos aimed at spreading greater awareness of the presidential commitment to end FGM by 2022.  

A passionate activist and artist, Mtunasi hopes to reach more Kenyans with his music which he believes can help bring real and lasting change in society. “We need more artists deploying their talent to raise awareness on the need to eradicate FGM. From painters to poets, actors, rappers, we all have a role to play,” he says.