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On the 6th of February 2019 UNFPA KCO and the Boda Boda Association of Kenya (BAK) formed a partnership to create potential synergy in the delivery of Sexual Reproductive Health rights. The Boda Boda sector plays host to millions of young people in the country, having secured gainful employment for the otherwise unemployed youth and helped address one of the critical pillars of the demographic dividends. As appertains the fight against FGM, the sector not only provides the greatest direct reach to young people but equally opens up opportunities to reach out to millions of other young people as well as adults with messaging on FGM. They have more often than not christened themselves as being “moving bill boards” in view of their ability to pass messages through the reflector jackets that they don. It also provides avenues to address other closely related issues such as teenage pregnancy, HIV and AIDS, child marriages, safe motherhood, and family planning. Similarly, it provides an opportunity to strengthen surveillance on new incidences of FGM by providing relevant intelligence which is critical for response