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There is a need for safe spaces for adolescent girls where they can access SRH information and services.
There is a need to address the link between GBV and cultural practices espoused by various communities in the
camps and host community.
There is a need to strengthen access to GBV and SRH services by the host community.
There is a need to address child marriage as a prevalent form of GBV in refugee camps.
Under reporting of GBV cases due to stigma and inaction on the part of law enforcers which continues to
hinder access to services. Sexual violence against men is hardly reported.
Women and girls lacking decision making latitude on matters such as family planning and consent to caesarean
section, etc.
There is a need for more services for adolescent girls to prevent teenage pregnancy.
Existence of GBV recovery centres in Kalobeyei and Kakuma, referral pathways, and training / sensitization of
leaders as good practices in addressing GBV.
The UNHCR High Commissioner’s commitment to refugee women and girls which prioritizes education