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ICPD25 Anniversary Issue

The resolve that resonated after the Nairobi Summit has been severely tested by the Covid-19 pandemic, whose scope and magnitude is unprecedented. The level of morbidity and mortality experienced has compelled global and national gravitation towards new priorities and methods that imperil commitments made during the Nairobi Summit. The pandemic has stifled uptake of sexual and reproductive health services, and precipitated increased vulnerability to protection risks in Kenya, like the rest of the world. Women and girls, ageing populations, and persons with disabilities continue to experience its amplified impacts. Our resolve to advance human progress on the basis of rights and inclusivity remains steadfast despite this ordeal whose end is unpredictable. Results achieved in the last one year, as articulated in this snapshot publication, give us the assurance that the pandemic has presented an opportunity for innovative programming. We have been able to accelerate halting of preventable maternal deaths and gender–based violence and harmful practices, and continue to shrink the unmet need for family planning including in fragile and humanitarian settings. We are confident and excited about the tremendous growth in knowledge among our young people to make informed choices about their bodily integrity and future. Kenya’s Commitments during the Nairobi Summit stood out as demonstration of a people centred and pragmatic development vision. The 17 Commitments that the country submitted encompassed all facets of national life, collective community aspirations, and individual interests. We applaud the illustrious leadership of His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta for the recognition and affirmation of investing in people as the ultimate development panacea. Working in collaboration with our invaluable partners, UNFPA will continue to offer our unreserved support to the Government and the people of Kenya towards the realization of the Commitments. Building back better requires that we showcase our capacity for resilience and adaptation. The new normal should find definitive prominence in our capacity to mobilize all segments of society in efforts towards fulfilment of the ICPD POA. We shall leverage technology, demographic dividends and strategic partnership to advance holistic human development. A fresh optimism and impetus drives our singular purpose as we commence the last decade of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. We confront every challenge with courage; we overcome every test with faith in our common strength