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This report was prepared through the collaborative efforts, support, dedication and hard work by various teams involved in undertaking this survey. First, we recognize the leadership, partnership and collaborative effort of UN Women-Kenya, UNFPA-Kenya, Care-Kenya, OXFAM-Kenya, UNILEVER-Tea Kenya, State Department for Gender, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), and the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) that made this survey possible through financial and technical support. Many thanks go to GeoPoll and IPSOS-Kenya who played an instrumental role in collecting the primary data.

We appreciate the efforts of all individuals from KIPPRA who participated in the analysis of the primary data and preparation of this report. First and foremost, we are thankful to Dr Rose Ngugi, Executive Director of KIPPRA, for providing the direction, guidance, and unwavering support to the development of this report. Further, we particularly recognize the contribution of the technical team from KIPPRA led by Dr Nancy Nafula, Dennis Kyalo, Stephen Nyaga, Sofiah Matoke, Samantha Luseno, Sabina Obere and Miriam Mwiti for their tireless contributions to the preparation of this report.

In addition, the valuable inputs of the following institutions were instrumental in the production of this report: UN Women-Kenya, UNFPA-Kenya, OXFAM-Kenya, Care-Kenya, State Department for Gender, National Gender and Equality Commission, Council of Governors, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, GROOTS-Kenya, UNILEVER Tea-Kenya, GeoPoll and IPSOS-Kenya.

Special recognition goes to the following technical team members for their technical and analytical input in the survey methodological process from inception. Specifically, development of the data collection tools, sampling, data collection, data analysis and overall report drafting; MacDonald Obudho, MBS (KNBS-Director General), Abdulkadir Awes, Caroline Gatwiri, Caneble Oganga, James Ng’ang’a, John Bore and Zachary Ochola (KNBS); Verity Mganga (State Department for Gender); John Murunga and Joy Masimane (GeoPoll); and Caroline Mackenzie and Victor Ochieng (IPSOS).

Finally, we are most grateful to Anna Mutavati (UN Women-Kenya Country Director) for the overall leadership and enabling coordination with UNFPA-Kenya, OXFAM-Kenya, Care-Kenya and UNILEVER Tea-Kenya, core team comprising of Maureen Gitonga, Joshua Musyimi, Grace Wangechi, Beatrice Alukonya, Diana Lutta (UN Women-KCO); Caroline Murgor and Satsuki Arai (UNFPA-KCO); Blandina Bobson (OXFAM-Kenya), Dorothy Aseyo (Care-Kenya); and Irene Nganga (UNILEVER Tea-Kenya). The process also benefited immensely from Isabella Schmidt (UN Women-ESARO); Papa Seck, Jessamine Encarnacion and Mika Mansukhani (UN Women HQ) for providing technical guidance.

We are indebted to all the individuals and households that participated in the survey across all the 47 counties in Kenya and key informants and their respective institutions for providing additional expert insights into the study and without whom this survey would not have been a reality.