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UNFPA has launched a program dubbed “the last mile Kenya” implemented through a public-private partnership between KEMSA (Kenya Medical Supplies Authority) and Coca Cola Beverage Africa, which seeks to enhance delivery of Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) commodities and services to all parts of the country including difficult to reach and humanitarian contexts.

The partnership has strengthened Reproductive Health Commodity Security policies and commitments at the highest level, improved visibility of supply chain while improved transparency on availability of products at the “last mile.” In addition, the partnership has provided an opportunity for Coca-Cola to build capacity and share knowledge with Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) on supply chain management. As a result, KEMSA and other stakeholders that distribute Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) commodities such as condoms and contraceptive on behalf of the Ministry of Health (MOH) have significant knowledge and expertise in supply chain management and distribution to ensure the commodities reach the last mile.

Through this partnership, so far we have been able to:  

  • Develop an interoperability between KEMSA LMIS and DHIS enabling data visibility across the supply chain system thus contributing to data accuracy between the two national supply chain systems (National and County level);
  • Develop a  web based Warehouse Management system and linkage to LMIS and DHIS which has improved efficiency through to stocks visibility of KEMSA regional warehouses to the health stakeholders;
  • Decentralize the Mombasa and Kisumu depots- using the Coca-Cola best practices of supply chain management contributing to depot automation and will eventually contribute to operationalization of the regional distribution centers.
  • Develop an automated communication system lining to order rationalization platform, which has contributed to improving acknowledgement of deliveries at the health facilities, and will contribute to accuracy of deliveries in their right facilities and their quantities and reduce on stocks leakages during deliveries through electronic Proof of Deliveries.
  • Developed a draft tool for last mile commodity monitoring borrowed from the Coca-Cola best practices on their optimized supply chain. The tool was used to conduct Post Distribution monitoring in selected counties. The observations which include the need long lead time, lack of SCM reporting tools in some facilities will be used to strengthen the last mile distribution monitoring in 2020 and beyond.
  • Strengthen the National FP Dashboard and National FP Dashboard usability –which led to further enhancements on the system that has contributed to improved use of the FP dashboard in decision-making.