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Kenya is lauded as one of the countries believed to be making tremendous progress in the fight against FGM/C and accelerating change towards zero tolerance.

The Chair of Kenya's Anti-FGM Board, Hon. Linah Jebii Kilimo, today met with Ms. Nafi Diop, the Global Coordinator for the UNFPA/UNICEF JP on FGM, to discuss the country's progress in accelerating the abandonment of FGM.

Nafi informed the meeting that Kenya is one of the countries believed to be making tremendous progress in the fight against FGM/C, together with Burkina Faso, Eritrea and Senegal. As a result, these countries have received more funding in 2014 to support them in their efforts to ensure zero-tolerance to FGM/C.

Nafi emphasized on the need to strengthen coordination of the programme at the national and county levels and to have the programme institutionalized. She congratulated Kenya for legislating the Prohibition of FGM Act, for setting up the Anti-FGM Board and Secretariat, and the presidential appointment of Hon. Kilimo as the chair of the Board.

Nafi requested that Kenya, with the support of UNFPA and UNICEF, conduct baseline surveys on FGM in order to get bench marks in the new areas of the programme. Additionally, Nafi urged Hon. Kilimo to conduct an evaluation of the programme in areas where baseline surveys were conducted, adding that international donors were willing to provide more funds.

On her part, Hon Kilimo gave a brief on the role of the Anti-FGM Board and praised UNFPA Kenya for the support provided for the anti-FGM campaigns. She requested for more support to be provided to the newly created Anti-FGM Board to ensure that it achieved all its objectives and fulfilled its national mandate.