NATIONAL POST: Communications Specialist, Nairobi Kenya, NO-C

NATIONAL POST: Communications Specialist, Nairobi Kenya, NO-C

29 August 2019


The Communications Specialist facilitates the work of consultants, advisors and experts; and establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with counterparts in the media, government, multi-lateral and bi-lateral donor agencies, and civil society to address emerging issues.  In developing, implementing and evaluating internal and external communication policies and processes, the Communications Specialist substantively contributes to the effective achievement of UNFPA activities in the area of sexual and reproductive health, youth, reducing gender-based violence and accelerating progress on the ICPD agenda and associated Sustainable Development Goals.

The Specialist develops and leads the implementation of communication tools and advocacy campaigns related to the above thematic areas.  He/she also identifies, establishes and manages the network of internal & external partners and alliances to support the UNFPA country programme. S/he facilitates knowledge transfer, capacity development and implementation of resource mobilization practices, tools and related skills to support the fundraising efforts of the Country Office. 

The Specialist participates in the UN communications working group and other related UN wide communications events and works with the international and national counterparts (both governmental and non-governmental), local media, UN Agencies, UN Resident Coordinator’s Office, and UN Interagency Communication Group to establish functional partnerships and enhance coordination mechanisms in communicating and advocating for the UNFPA mandate.

The Specialist supports the development of UNFPA´s next Country Programme in Kenya.