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Individual Consultancy to undertake Rapid Country Analysis of the Effect of COVID – 19 on Family Planning

Background and Rationale:

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused tremendous upheaval to health delivery systems around the world, disrupting access to family planning information and services, as well as sexual and reproductive health more broadly. Despite this disruption, the need for family planning has remained the same. Moreover, The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted both the supply and demand sides of family planning service delivery, including critical quality assurance activities down the last mile (to the end users) and the impact of this disruption triggered the regional office to undertake this assessment. The disruption and its effect on family planning services as well as the ability of the programme to monitor effectiveness of delivery as well as quality of contraceptives also need to be documented. Kenya Country Office is among 7 countries in the East and Southern where this study will be done, with support from the Regional Office.


The assessment of the effect of COVID - 19 will examine core FP2020 indicators which are routinely monitored and whose data are readily available. Kenya’s Ministry of health has robust HMIS. Data limitations present significant challenges to tracking key indicators regularly. To produce reliable annual estimates despite a gap in data sources, FP 2020 uses the Family Planning Estimation Tool (FPET). Kenya is among the FP2020 countries which is making good and steady progress towards meeting the FP2020 targets/indicators.


To allow for comparability and standardization, the assessment will be done using common data collection and analysis tools - provided by the Regional office.


The 3 main objectives are to.

1.   Assess changes in family planning uptake and related service before and during COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

2.  Reproductive health outcomes (Using MSI Impact II Tool).

3.  Monitor the effect of COVID-19 on  Last Mile Assurance, using Data

Collection checklist provided to assess