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Ushanga Kenya is a government initiative to develop fair trade for the 7 bead working counties in Rift valley, enabling the bead makers to access local and international market directly, knocking out the middle-men, empowering women and girls, and promoting sustainable community incomes.
Johari is a joint initiative of the UNFPA, the Anti-FGM Board, Ecobank and Ushanga Kenya with a specific anti-FGM agenda that promotes beadwork to raise awareness on #endingFGM and give financial support to women and girls.
The Johari Beads Initiative will be run as a commercial entity to ensure long term viability and sustainability of the initiative. In so doing, the partnership will invite bids or expressions of interest from established local/international fashion brands to propose long term business plans to provide technical and market support to the targeted communities.
By producing, guiding, designing and marketing Johari beaded products locally and internationally, the commercial entity will help drive economic empowerment amongst women/ girls and men which ultimately supports the national drive to end FGM. Furthermore, through local and international advocacy, the Johari Beads can be leveraged to raise significant financial support for the government’s 2022 Anti-FGM agenda.
This project is intended to contribute to the overall goal which is the elimination of FGM in Kenya by 2022. By supporting the commercialization of the beads as a cherished cultural identity, there will be increased global and national awareness, financial support and empowerment of local communities to abandon FGM and sustainably support women and adolescent girls to realize their full potential.
Expected Outcomes
i. Increased market access for beads produced by bead making communities;
ii. Increased incomes for women from the bead making communities;
iii. Increased local and global awareness on the need to eliminate FGM; and
iv. Increased commitment by women from bead making communities to end

v. Increased commitment by communities to end FGM