My Good Future
A new handbook designed to equip adolescents and youth with intellectual disabilities with life skills is making sexual and reproductive health and rights education more accessible among this often excluded population. Titled “My Good Future,” the handbook contains information presented in an easy-to-read format with illustrations to guide users on various topics including menstrual hygiene, prevention of STIs and H...
Midwife providing services at Magunga Level 4 hospital in Homabay County
“Nothing breaks a midwife’s heart more than losing a mother or baby to a complication that could have been managed if identified earlier on in the pregnancy,” says senior midwife Jackson Nyanamba. Over the course of his 20 year career in midwifery, he has delivered hundreds of babies at different public health facilities in the country. In November 2020, Mr. Nyamamba and three other midwives from Ntimaru Sub-County...
Portable ultrasound device is saving lives of pregnant women and babies in remote parts of Kenya
Midwives are taking a life-changing ultrasound device to mothers in hard-to-reach places in Kenya, making it affordable for pregnant women who need it most. Watch how this innovation is saving the lives of women and new...

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