A group of women at the Hola IDP camp.
Extreme weather events have continually exerted a heavy burden on households, the economy, and the social vibrancy of communities in Kenya. The country has experienced devastating droughts and floods in the last three years, leading to high fatalities, massive loss of property, disruption of livelihoods, and erosion of capacities to sustain the provision of essential services, including healthcare and protection. To...
Family planning
The contraceptives were procured by UNFPA with more than 57 Million Kenya Shillings (£348,000) funding from the UK Government, and will be distributed by the Ministry of Health to health facilities across the country.
Women and girls are the most likely to have their images abused online.
Nearly 90% of young adults enrolled in Nairobi’s tertiary institutions have witnessed technology-facilitated gender-based violence, with 39% having experienced it personally. This is according to a rapid study conducted by the Collaborative Center for Gender and Development (CCGD), in collaboration with the University of Nairobi Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) Hub and supported by UNFPA.

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